salute sa∙lute verb 1. to touch the side of your head with the fingers of your right hand to show respect, especially in the armed forces • (尤指军队中)敬礼: ▪ [V]
»The sergeant stood to attention and saluted.
▪ [VN]
»to salute the flag / an officer
2. [VN] (formal) to express respect and admiration for sb / sth • 致敬;表示敬意 【SYN】 acknowledge :
»The players saluted the fans before leaving the field.
»The president saluted the courage of those who had fought for their country.
noun 1. the action of raising your right hand to the side of your head as a sign of respect, especially between soldiers and officers • (尤指士兵和军官之间的)敬礼 2. [C, U] a thing that you say or do to show your admiration or respect for sb / sth or to welcome sb • 致敬;致意:
»He raised his hat as a friendly salute.
»His first words were a salute to the people of South Africa.
»They all raised their glasses in salute.
3. an official occasion when guns are fired into the air to show respect for an important person • 鸣礼炮;鸣炮致敬:
»a 21-gun salute
鸣炮 21 响的礼仪
* * *
[sә'lu:t, -'lju:t]
n. (尤指軍隊等之)舉手禮, 昇降旗致敬, 嗚禮炮等, 敬禮
v. 行禮致敬, 敬禮

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.


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